Lowering the Cost of Turnover


What if new employee training was 1 day, instead of 1 week?

With the ability to onboard new employees remotely in days instead of weeks, as well as less oversight from experienced staff requiring “double dipping” of pay, Grasp provides significant cost savings to your bottom line as well as a detailed account of your team's learning progress. Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality in workforce training is the future. Your employees will love it and you will benefit from both higher employee performance and lower costs.

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Cashier & Menu Training

Customer Service Interaction
Model a variety of customer service scenarios to rehearse and iterate what the compliant, service-oriented response should be in any scenario.
POS Repetition
Timed training and testing on every item and combination on your menu. Empower your new hires to know both the POS and menu inside and out before taking time away from other team members.
Payment Scenarios
One of the most time-consuming, hard-to-train, elements of any POS is all of the different payment methods and scenarios. By using the virtual register, trainees can test declines, refunds, split checks, and other payment scenarios without creating a messy accounting trail.

Food Preparation Training

Food Safety
Review the compliant procedures necessary for kitchen operations. Overview of the most common mistakes, and how to avoid them.
Dish Training
Train on the steps needed to prepare key menu items, and standard operating procedures.
The classic kitchen challenge to keeping critical unit operations running. Test and measure a trainees ability to manage multiple streams of tickets, outside of your active kitchen environment.

Key Technical Differentiators

Leveraging the latest hardware and cloud-based AI, we have created a platform that empowers your employees both in reducing costs and increasing revenue per hour.

Hand Tracking

Leveraging the latest Oculus Quest SDK, we provide full hand-tracking within our training platform. Making it extremely easy for first-time VR users.

AI Conversations

We provide a real-time conversational engine, with customized dialogue. Through the CMS, you can control and change interactions and dialogue without additional services.

Custom Reporting

We setup custom connectors to your LMS software to capture all training activities. We offer an API, or will support an ETL or other data warehouse solution.

275% More Confident
VR learners are 275% more confident after training.
4X Faster
VR learners were able to comprehend and demonstrate aptitude 4x faster than trainees using traditional training.
$800+ Saved Per Employee
VR learning is the most cost-effective method of onboarding, providing at least $800+ in savings.
Remote Onboarding
Onboard team members remotely, especially on health procedures before day 1.


50+ Employee Accounts
Ability to dynamically update content via CMS.
Access Pre-Existing Content
No Hardware Included
per month, per location
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50+ Employee Accounts
Ability to dynamically update content via CMS.
Custom Training Modules
Includes Hardware Lease
per month, per location
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Explore More Training Modules

Reporting & Analysis

Monthly reporting and performance insights. Trend analysis to correlate ROI for your training programs.

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Cashier & Menu Training

Trainees interact with virtual AI customers, honing guest service skills and demonstrating menu and product knowledge.

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Food Prep Training

Food preparation can be practiced without waste and signature dishes can be broken down step by step and mastered through experiential trials.

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Sales Training

Increase revenue by training & monitoring sales performance of teams, at scale.

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Validated Results
in the Industry

Matthew Bassuk
Instructional Design Manager, Urban Plates
"Urban Plates is excited to be partnering with Grasp to support our immersive training programs. The combination of quality and customization for a  training platform is unparalleled in the market."
Brooke Burton
Director of Training,
Lucky Strike Lanes
“Virtual Reality is—without a doubt—the most exciting development for scenario based training.
The possibilities are endless."
Arsalan Nasir
Director of Operations,
Larosh Grill
“We immediately saw an improvement in both the functional/ POS skills, and the customer soft-skills from our team."

Start saving $800+ per new hire today.