Reporting & Analysis

REPORTING & Evaluation

Monitor performance and calculate ROI.

Correlate training & evaluation scores with revenue, turnover, and guest satisfaction scores at each one of your locations. Prove the financial impact of the platform in real-time.


Measure individual performance in detail.

Manage & monitor individual employee access, successes, and performance gaps. Know in real-time where unit managers need to focus improvement plans.

275% More Confident
VR learners are 275% more confident after training.
4X Faster
VR learners were able to comprehend and demonstrate aptitude 4x faster than trainees using traditional training.
$800+ Saved Per Employee
VR learning is the most cost-effective method of onboarding, providing at least $800+ in savings.
Remote Onboarding
Onboard team members remotely, especially on health procedures before day 1.


50+ Employee Accounts
Ability to dynamically update content via CMS.
Access Pre-Existing Content
No Hardware Included
per month, per location
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50+ Employee Accounts
Ability to dynamically update content via CMS.
Custom Training Modules
Includes Hardware Lease
per month, per location
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Cashier & Menu Training

Trainees interact with virtual AI customers, honing guest service skills and demonstrating menu and product knowledge.

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Food Prep Training

Food preparation can be practiced without waste and signature dishes can be broken down step by step and mastered through experiential trials.

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Sales Training

Increase revenue by training & monitoring sales performance of teams, at scale.

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Start saving $800+ per new hire today.