About Us

Focus on Performance

With an unwavering commitment to maximizing individual performance, we work every day to provide the products and service that empower organizations to reach their goals. We keep teams running around the clock to support any questions or issues you might have in using the training platform.
After activating your service, you will have a single Engagement Manager, point of contact, who will be ready to help make sure you are on-boarded successfully to the platform, and your organization is successful in activating your VR/AR training initiatives.
About Us

Mission & Values


We want our customers and partners to not only grow their business, but the expertise and excellence of every single member of their organization. We are committed to doing the same with our own team members.


We believe that through truth and transparency, all boats rise. We look to partner with all sides of our platform to seek and surface the best ideas, transparently, for a mutually beneficial partnership.


Committed to the success of our customers, colleagues, and partners. We remain an organization that anyone can believe in and customers can rely on to guide them from unknowns into opportunities.

“What makes Grasp different is that we aren't just a software company. Our team members are artists, teachers, trainers, engineers, and more. The platform is the starting point, the paintbrush and paints. How we paint the picture of a successful training program together, is truly the combination of art and science. Software and Service. ”
Chris Ekstein, CEO
Our Mission

Providing learning & development solutions that create more net-value for our customers.