Immersive Training Solutions For Restaurants and Retailers.

Our technology completely immerses the trainee within a 3D environment with unconstrained movement in all directions. This remote, self-learning environment maximizes user engagement, delivering training at a rate that is 4X faster and costs 52% less.*
*Source: PWC Report

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VR Learning Platform

Save $800+ Per Employee

Studies have shown that virtual reality immersion can increase learning retention rates up to 75% – versus only 10% for a reading or lecture.

Cashier Training

Trainees interact with virtual AI customers, honing guest service skills and demonstrating menu and product knowledge. Leverage hand tracking to lower the barrier to entry.

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Food Preparation Training

Food preparation can be practiced without waste and signature dishes can be broken down step by step and mastered through experiential trials.

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Sales Training & Custom Solutions

Manage & monitor how well sales teams close virtual customers, and correlate with individual sales targets. We can also work with your training staff to create the most value in the training scenarios with constant updates and improvements.

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Dashboard Reporting & Analysis

Managers are provided a detailed report on all the nuances of the trainee’s performance. Experiences can also be deployed across existing employees to monitor performance and correlate with their KPI's (Sales per Labor Hour, etc.).

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Validated Results
in the Industry

Matthew Bassuk
Instructional Design Manager, Urban Plates
"Urban Plates is excited to be partnering with Grasp to support our immersive training programs. The combination of quality and customization for a  training platform is unparalleled in the market."
Brooke Burton
Director of Training,
Lucky Strike Lanes
“Virtual Reality is—without a doubt—the most exciting development for scenario based training.
The possibilities are endless."
Arsalan Nasir
Director of Operations,
Larosh Grill
“We immediately saw an improvement in both the functional/ POS skills, and the customer soft-skills from our team."
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Choose The Plan That Fits You Best

Unlike custom project development, our training platform is completely cloud-based, and ready to be used across your enterprise.

A cloud-based software solution for VR training, ready to use.
per month
Per Location
50+ Employee Accounts
Ability to dynamically update content via CMS.
Access Pre-Existing Content
No Hardware Included
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Designed to roll-out across multiple units, and monitor performance.
per month
Per Location
50+ Employee Accounts
Ability to dynamically update content via CMS.
Custom Training Modules
Includes Hardware Lease
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I have no experience with VR/AR, is this for me?

Yes, we are used to partnering closely with companies of any level of expertise, even with no previous experience in VR/AR. Our team works to make sure everyone involved understands the benefits and implementation plan clearly before signing on. We provide free demonstrations to key stakeholders to make sure everyone is comfortable with the technology.

What do I need to get started?

Our engagement managers will need to understand what current training programs are in-place, and where our solution will fit in your overall learning & development lifecycle. We will partner closely with you to setup all training scenarios within our platform, and train your team on monitoring and making sense of the training data.

What if I don't have a LMS?

No LMS is required. Our cloud-based software works completely independently from an LMS. Grasp can store all training data independent from an LMS, and provide XAPI exports and interfaces when a learning record store or LMS becomes available.

Do you provide tech support to our team members?

Yes, our solution is inclusive of an initial, onsite on-boarding of your training manager, IT, and location manager, and periodic phone support during your subscription. Onsite support after on-boarding is available for additional pricing.

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